All About Us

Passionate about the Bradford District !

The Bradford District Community Fund is a charitable fund devoted to bringing about visible and lasting change in local communities. We hope that, like us, you believe in helping make Bradford District a place where everyone is able to make the most of their life and fully explore and develop their potential, where local residents feel valued and respected, and are proud to contribute to the district in which they live.

We think that the best way that we can contribute to this vision is to raise money and then invest it in local community groups and charities running incredible projects. This means we can easily help ordinary people achieve extra-ordinary things and bring about transformational change in local communities.

Meeting Local Needs

There are over 1,500 community organisations and charities in the Bradford District that need your support. Whether they are working with the old or the young, on environmental or health projects, they are tackling issues in local communities every day. They need your help so they can become more sustainable. We are here, with our local knowledge and expertise, to help you address the themes that interest you most.

Helping Vulnerable People

The focus of our grant-making is primarily on targeting the needs in our more challenging communities, and supporting vulnerable people. This might include parts of the District that have been classified as deprived because of high levels of poverty, poor health, educational under-achievement and unemployment. Or they may be groups of vulnerable people – the elderly, those with mental or physical health issues, people without jobs or homes.

Making Giving Easy

We hope you will decide to make a donation to the Bradford District Community Fund. Our aim is to build a “spirit of giving” by providing a fun, efficient and simple way for anyone to provide financial support that will make a long-term difference to the communities in which you live and work. Whether you can afford £10 or £100,000 , we will help you direct it to where it is needed most, and where it will have the most significant impact.

Creating Positive Change

We believe local people are best-placed to create positive change in their communities, so we support them to do just that. we hope that, by reading about our work, you will be inspired to think about supporting some of the community projects that are bringing about positive changes across the District.