Charity of the Year

Mosaic Mural1Put your company at the heart of the local community:
Make the Bradford District Community Fund your Charity of the Year

By choosing the Bradford Distirct Community Fund as your Charity of the Year, you can benefit from our contacts with some of the 1,500 community groups that provide vital and much-needed support to local people in the Bradford District.

Why choose the Bradford District Community Fund ?

  • Every penny raised in the district will stay in the district, supporting and benefiting the local economy here on your doorstep.
  • You are more easily able to see, at first hand, what impact your support is having by visiting the groups you have supported and using local PR to raise your and their profile.
  • You can often combine fundraising with volunteering activities, providing very practical support for local groups as well as raising funds.
  • Your teams are made up of individuals who often feel passionately about different causes – with the Bradford District Community Fund you can support many different groups tacking a breadth of issues, ensuring that all your staff are engaged in your fund raising.

How does it work?
We will:

  • Work with you to select your cause and help you choose whether to fund raise for a specific cause (such as children and young people) or consider applications from a diverse range of causes.
  • Support your fundraising efforts.
  • Invite applications from projects which match your objectives.
  • Consider the applications and, using our breadth of knowledge, select ones for your consideration that will both meet your objectives and provide the maximum benefit to local people
  • Report back to you on the impact your fund raising has had.

Together we can make a bigger difference.