Leave a Legacy

Mosaic Mural1One way you can carry on supporting local causes you really care about is by leaving a gift in your will.  This can help improve the lives of local people for many years to come.

You can leave a cash gift of a specific sum of money, a share of your estate or particular gifts or property.

You can simply name the Bradford District Community Fund as the beneficiary of your gift and that give us the flexibility to support a wide range of causes and respond to changing needs, too.

We guarantee to use your gift in the best and most effective ways to improve lives in our communities.

Making a will does not have to be expensive or complicated, but you should consult a solicitor for advice. You can also make minor changes or additions to your existing will by using a simple codicil.

We often advise people on how to make tax effective gifts and we would be pleased to work with you (or your professional advisors) to answer questions you have about a gift you are considering.

You can download a flyer CLICK HERE

A good source of general information is Legacy Giving: Guides and Tools (www.rememberacharity.org.uk)