Personal Funds

Setting up a Personal Fund lets you get directly involved in community philanthropy without the need to set up a separate charitable trust. You can name a fund after yourself, a family member or friend, a company or organisation. Alternatively, the fund can be completely anonymous if you prefer.

A Fund can be set up with a donation of cash, through a legacy or by transfers of shares, land or property.  Whatever mechanism suits you best, we will make sure your giving is handled tax efficiently whether you are an individual or a business.

You may already be interested in a particular cause or want to focus on a specific area of the District.  Perhaps you need some advice to learn more about the real “local needs” so that you can target your support accordingly. We will appoint a dedicated Fund Manager to work with you to set up the fund guidelines and then promote it to local groups. We will handle all the requests for support and assess applications and then work with you to choose which ones you want to support – after all, that is the fun part of philanthropy.

Types of Personal Fund
Immediate Impact Funds
can be set up with a minimum donation of £10,000.  This can be used to support projects straight away and, once the funds have been distributed, you can make further contributions and keep on giving.

Endowment Funds can be set up with a minimum donation of £25,000. We invest your donation along with other Funds and, each year, the income is used to make grants.  This helps create a lasting legacy, ensuring your support carries on giving for many years to come.

Hybrid options  We are happy to discuss other types of funds that could achieve goals for both immediate and long term impact: making grants immediately whilst building up a Fund for the longer-term.

We would be happy to answer any questions you have and to find out more about your interests.