Professional Advisors

Research shows that there is a growing interest amongst wealthy people and businesses in wanting to know and learn more about philanthropy and effective charitable giving. As trusted advisors, you are usually the first place that many people come to for advice. This section outlines how we can help you meet your clients’ needs.

Local Expertise

  • We are the hub for community philanthropy in the Bradford District, working with individuals, families, businesses and other charities to support their giving. We can help you advise your clients on philanthropy and the role it can play during their lifetime and in their estate planning.
  • We can ensure your clients’ gifts are tax efficient.
  • We have over 5 years professional grant-making experience in supporting local charities and community groups.
  • We are experts in local needs and can ensure your clients’ gifts are targeted precisely and where they can have most impact.
  • We can match your clients’ charitable interests with local needs and offer them the opportunity to be genuinely involved in their communities.

For your Private clients

  • We have a range of options, from a named fund (a cost-effective alternative to establishing a stand-alone trust), to regular and one-off donations and legacies.
  • We provide a dedicated service with an individual Fund Manager.
  • Our Board of Trustees governs our work. Adherence to charity laws and regulation and financial accounting is our responsibility.
  • We respect the requests of our donors and they can remain anonymous if they wish.

For your Corporate clients

  • We provide advice and tailored support for companies wanting to put their social responsibility and corporate citizenship plans into practice in their local community.
  • Community engagement can promote the corporate brand, and be a great tool for recruiting, engaging and retaining staff.
  • We have excellent relationships with local press and can help your clients maximise the PR value of their charitable activity.

For your Charity clients
We have developed expertise in the transfer of charitable trusts that have become dormant, redundant or ineffective. We can maintain the charity’s original purpose or, if required, broaden its objectives further.  Original trustees can remain as advisors if they wish. We can also provide support to other grant-making charities that might need further assistance