Professional Advisors

There is a growing interest amongst wealthy individuals and businesses in wanting to know more about philanthropy and effective charitable giving. This section outlines how we can work with you to help you meet your clients’ needs.
We are the hub for community philanthropy in Bradford, having worked with individuals, families, businesses and other charities to support their giving. We can help you advise your clients on philanthropy and the role it can play during their lifetime and in their estate planning.

Specific services:

  1. Gifts of assets during lifetime (cash, shares, property)
  2. Legacy gifts
  3. Grant making services for trusts or transferring dormant/ineffective trusts.

Why work with us:

Ensure gifts are tax efficient
We are experts in local needs
We are expert grant makers
We match clients charitable interests to local need
We offer a dedicated service
We would be really pleased to hear from you about helping your clients with their philanthropy. Please get in touch with us with any questions at