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Cold weather is likely to lead to over 200 avoidable deaths this winter in the Bradford District. There will also be an increase of people each day seeking hospital treatment, due to falls and illnesses which occur in increasing numbers when temperatures drop and snow falls. It is estimated that there may be around 16 extra hospital admissions a day.

43,000 people who live in fuel poverty – including isolated older people and families with young children – are particularly vulnerable along with the District’s homeless. People living in fuel poverty make impossible choices between keeping warm and eating well.

‘It is very sad that there are people in the Bradford District who must choose between heating and eating. But once again it is very heart-warming to know that lots of people in Bradford want to do something to help. I encourage those who can afford it, to give generously to Bradford District Community Fund’s winter appeal and through this support community groups to do what they do best’. Jane Vincent,  Candelisa People.

The Winter Warmth Fund supports individuals and families through the winter months. Funds and goods collected are redistributed to community groups who are best placed to reach people vulnerable to the cold.

Warm Homes Healthy People partnership – which includes voluntary and community organisations, Bradford Council and health organisations – has overall responsibility to ensures resources raised through the appeal are effectively used.